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  • Hendricks Field new name for North Paddock
  • Improved Logistics for Parking and Access
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Wayne EstesSuperSebring, as spectacular a weekend as it was, revealed a few of our shortcomings that the Sebring staff now addresses with all its customer service weapons.

So many of Sebring’s regular guests know where every footpath leads, where every turn starts, where the shade falls later in the days. But the addition of the WEC’s 1000 Miles of Sebring to the historic Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring drew thousands of new fans who simply did not know where to turn, where to park, where to see the action.

Many pulled into reserved spots because their passes had numbers on the fences that matched their passes, except that they were in the wrong sections. Turn One, Space 53 is drivers’ right, not drivers’ left. Drivers’ left is either Start-Finish or Turn Two. The so-called logistics left many first-time guests confused and rightly frustrated.

With the addition of so many new guests, areas that previously provided adequate space, even ample space in some areas, required a lot more management to fill the spaces efficiently.

And, our event hosts found themselves at a disadvantage attempting to determine if guests purchased North Paddock Car Passes because the guests wanted to park cars near the flagpole or if they simply wanted to cruise the paddock. Previously, it did not matter, but with the increased numbers of guests, we did not want to sell passes where there were no spaces.

To this end, we are launching our own SuperSebring Extreme Makeover that will include the following:

“North Paddock,” a term no one seems to understand, goes away entirely. Instead, we will honor the history of the property and rename the section Hendricks Field, notably marked by the original flagpole still standing in the middle of what once was the Army Airfield that trained B-17 crews to win World War II.

The newly redrawn Hendricks Field begins at the exit of Turn One, runs to Green Park, then follows the fence line from Green Park to Turn 15.

All who held reserved parking spaces in 2019, as always, will be given the opportunity to renew the same spot in 2020. However, every reserved RV pass will have a new space number. Turn number – like Turn 1, Turn 5, or Turn 15 – designations for reserved space sections go away.

MapReserved spaces now will be designated in one of four color-specific areas: Blue for the Midway, Red for the East Paddock, Yellow for Hendricks Field and Purple for Ulmann.

All reserved numbers will be four-digit numbers. Midway spaces will begin with 1, East Paddock will start with 2, Hendricks Field 3 and Ulmann 4. This means each space number will be unique. Space numbers will ascend in the same direction cars travel on the race track.

And, we will create a new upgrade to General or Ulmann parking passes, a “Loop Pass,” that will allow anyone to drive the full loop around the property, and drive across either vehicle bridge.

To capitalize on the logistics advantages of the new Gateway to Green Park bridge, we will redirect motorhome traffic to reduce the flow on Alan Jay Boulevard through the Alan Jay Paddock and competitor area.

Only motorhomes with East Paddock numbers will enter and exit across the Paddock Bridge at Turn 17.

All Hendricks Field motorhomes will enter across the Gateway to Green Park bridge. Hendricks Field Car passes (previously North Paddock Car passes) will allow drivers to drive on Alan Jay Boulevard alongside the competitor paddock, but only guests who purchase Hendricks Field parking spaces may purchase Hendricks Field Car passes.

A new security post will be established at the border between the Hendricks Field and the East Paddock sections to ensure that vehicles entering the East Paddock have (1) any East Paddock Pass, (2) a Hendricks Field Car Pass, or (3) any car pass (RV passes excluded) accompanied by a Loop Pass. Cars with these passes also may access Alan Jay Boulevard from the paddock bridge that crosses Turn 17.

Another parking innovation in Hendricks Field is a natural progression from what began in 2019. We will offer Hendricks Field Non-Trackside parking, that while not reserved, will be limited to a painted space on the ground, approximately 15 feet by 40 feet in size.

To use one of these painted spaces, users must have a Hendricks Field Non-Trackside Pass. In it, you may put an RV, a tent, a pick-up truck, or whatever, but each vehicle will require a pass, and whatever you bring must fit in the box. If a guest wishes to put a large motorhome with a canopy in two of these spaces, the guest must purchase two passes to do so.

Please note that passes for Hendricks Field Car, Hendricks Field Non-Trackside, East Paddock, and Loop upgrades will be limited, and when they sell out, no more will be available.

We know that Sebring’s faithful have had the same space numbers for many, many years, and some may even shed a few tears because they no longer have Start-Finish 90, or Hairpin 1, or Turn 15 Number 76. But we believe everyone will appreciate the new ease of getting around, locating your neighbors, explaining your location to emergency responders, and the snazzy new signs at every space on the trackside fences.

Everything we do at Sebring creates a better environment for you to enjoy the most historic sportscar venue on the Western Hemisphere. And, as always, we welcome your feedback so that we can give you the track experience you want.

Please contact me at , and if we can do it, we will. If we cannot, I will let you know why.

And I can never say this enough: Thank you for being such great fans of Sebring, the Birthplace of American Endurance Racing. And thank you for voting us North America’s Best Motorsports Race.


Sebring Raceway

Sebring International Raceway

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